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Jerry and Winnie: The Rise of Razzaro 7 :iconuranastro:UranAstro 0 0
Jerry and Winnie: The Rise of Razzaroo 6
Chapter 6
The shocking is still going on, but Johnny stopped screaming. Razzaroo noticed this and smiled.
"Do you still feel pain?" Razzaroo asked. Johnny remained silent "Guess not," After a few more minutes of waiting, Razzaroo killed the power. Smoke filled the room. There was no sound anywhere, save for Tom coughing due to the smoke.
Outside the door, Dracula and Mavis grew worried as everything became silent.
"Why is it quiet? What happened to Johnny?" Mavis cried. Before Dracula could answer, the door opens up. Razzaroo and Tom walk out of the room. Razzaroo had a smile on his face.
"I'm am pleased to announce that Johnny survived the machine," said Razzaroo. Mavis smiled with glee while Dracula heaved a sigh of relief. "However, he needs to rest up for a little while. I don't know if he has powers or not but we'll see,"
"What if he doesn't have powers?" asked Dracula.
"I kill him," Razzaroo responded without hesitation.
"You and your death threats," Dracula muttered under his br
:iconuranastro:UranAstro 0 0
Mature content
Jerry and Winnie: The Rise of Razzaroo 5 :iconuranastro:UranAstro 1 0
Jerry and Winnie: The Rise of Razzaroo 4
Chapter 4
Bloodbath stood before a shocked Jerry and Winnie as they just heard his true intentions. Winnie didn't seem to truly know how to react to this, but Jerry, on the other hand, was 100% skeptical.
"Hey, Winnie? Can I speak to you privately for a second?" Jerry whispered into Winnie's ear. She nodded in responses.
"I already know what you're going to say. What if this guy tries to kill us?" Winnie asked, not being sure she can trust Bloodbath.
"I can hear you, you little runt!" Bloodbath shouted. "I have no intentions on hurting or killing you!" Winnie held Jerry tightly and backed up a little bit. All they did was make the demon angrier and angrier.
"I believe you should listen to him," said a heavenly voice. Bloodbath knew exactly who that was.
"It's her!" Jerry and Winnie shouted in unison.
"Oh great, not this woman," Bloodbath mutter under his breath.
A bright light surrounded the area. A few seconds later, the light dies down as Raira appears with a smile on her face.
"I be
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Mature content
Jerry and Winnie: The Rise of Razzaroo 3 :iconuranastro:UranAstro 0 0
Jerry and Winnie: The Rise of Razzaroo 2
Chapter 2
After Winnie showed her new mouse friend, Jerry, around the Hotel, she takes him to her parents, asking them if she can keep him. Unfortunately, it looks like Mom and Dad are against the idea of having a mouse for a pet.
"I'm sorry, Winnie, but the answer is no," said Wanda, Winnie's mother.
"Aw, why not?" Winnie whined.
"For starters; your brothers will eat him without hesitation," Wanda responded,
"I'll protect him,"
"That's a lot of responsibility," Wayne, Winnie's father, chimed in.
"I'll feed him, and clean up after him,"
"I'm sorry, but no means no,"
But nothing, take him outside now, young lady!" Wanda said, firmly,
"Yes, ma'am," Winnie hung her head down in defeat, she really wanted to keep the mouse. She wipes her eyes and walks away.
"Wait for me, Winnie," said Dennis, trying to follow his sad friend.
"No! I'm going alone," Winnie said, with her voice breaking. Jerry didn't realize how much she really wanted him.
"Sweetie, Winnie's a little bit u
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Jerry and Winnie: The Rise of Razzaroo 1
Jerry and Winnie: The Rise of Razzaroo
Fear, that was the only thing on Jerry's mind right now, as he sits in a small hole.
"I just wanted to get away from Tom," He thought to himself. He looks out the hole and sees nothing but monsters, just walking around.
"How did I end up in this spooky place?" The last thing he remembers was running away from Tom in some spooky forest, how they got there in the first place is a mystery. Jerry somehow manages to lose Tom and decided to hide in a scary looking castle. Upon arriving, he sees tons of spooky monsters and ghost. The thing he fears most are werewolves, lucky for him, however, there are none in sight.
"Yo, Drac!" yelled a voice. Jerry peeped out of the hole again to see who had spoken. Apparently, these guys know English. The guy who spoke was some kind of fat mummy. He also sees a vampire. He begins to listen in on the conversation.
"What is it, Murray? I'm busy," said the vampire,
"Wanda and Wayne are coming over,
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He was a Super Saiyan God! :iconuranastro:UranAstro 1 1 Well then, this happened :iconuranastro:UranAstro 0 0 The great battle of Screwed up crossover :iconuranastro:UranAstro 0 0 Top 19 animated Disney Films :iconuranastro:UranAstro 3 6
Lyra Braixen 2
Chapter 2
Lyra ran as fast as she can trying to catch up with Vivian.
"Slow down, you're going to fast!" Lyra plead,
"You want your little brother back, don't you?" Vivian looked at Lyra,
"Yeah, I really do," Lyra was getting tired, but she must ignore that to save her little brother,
"Let's keep going, we're almost there!"
Lyra didn't want to waste anytime, she must fine out what that Minefoo was doing to her little brother.
Josh was shaking in fear as a bunch on Minefoos surround him,
"Wh-What do you want from me?" Josh had tears in his eyes, "Why did you bring me here,"
"You'll see, wait till the queen comes," One of the Minefoos said,
"Yes. Ah, here she is now!"
Josh looks to his left and sees a Mienshao. She looks at the small Fennekin.
"What purpose do you have to bring this child here?" asked the Mienshao,
"I found him in the woods, he was badly injured. I've also sensed a Braixen, but she is nowhere to be found," the Minefoo explained,
"Braixen? Little one, do you know
:iconuranastro:UranAstro 0 0
Lyra Braixen 1
Chapter 1
"Today's the day, Lyra, the first day of High School" Lyra thought to herself while she looked in the bathroom mirror. Lyra is a 17 year old Braixen. She has been attending Poke academy for years, this year would be her last.
"I got a lot planned this, but the main thing is getting with Tom, the cutest Lucario in school!" Lyra said with excitement. like every teenage high school story, the main goal is hooking up with the cutest, nothing is more important than that.
"I wonder if he'll like me, I wonder if he'll notice me, I wonder…"
"I wonder when the heck you're gonna get out of the bathroom," that was Josh, Lyra's little brother, who is a Fennekin.
"I'll be out in a minute, Josh!" Lyra shouted,
"I hope you're not taking a dump. Every time you do, the whole house stinks. I thought it was impossible for girls to do that," Josh said with a snicker, Lyra didn't think it was so funny, she blushed because she knew Josh was telling the truth.
"Oh shut up, you annoying little
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Braixen fan button :iconuranastro:UranAstro 3 0 Admirable Animation: Battle Of Gods :iconuranastro:UranAstro 1 0 Admirable Animation: Once Upon a Forest :iconuranastro:UranAstro 4 0


You're no better :iconjacobsonic84:jacobsonic84 18 39
Sally Acorn Rant To Get Off My Chest
Okay, now before you people tell me the obvious, I know that we're all entitled to our opinions. I mean there are people who like Sally Acorn and there are people who don't like Sally Acorn. But unfortunately, many of the people who are on the dislike side have pretty much abused the whole "it's my opinion" excuse to take the hate way too far. Now listen up folks! There's a difference between stating an opinion and slandering a character with things that are miles far from the truth. Here's an example:
Stating an opinion: "I'm not interested in {insert character here}. He/she isn't that good of a character to me."
Slandering a character: "That bitch/bastard is a fucking whore/faggot! He/she is {insert untrue adjective here} and a {insert untrue personal noun here}!"
So yeah. Sadly, Sally is on the latter side of the statement whenever people wanna say something about her, and I honest can't stand it. Even in pages/videos about her, people still comment and slander her wit
:iconspuriousones13:Spuriousones13 15 50
Well, This Is An Odd Interest Of Mine :iconmintaka-tk:Mintaka-TK 71 33 Oh Marcos? WHY?!?????? :iconmatrooko11:Matrooko11 7 15
TailsXZooey - Believe in Yourself
Greetings, fellow Decepticons!
With only five days until Christmas Day, I had decided to write a new TailsXZooey fanfic, which is based on the Sonic Boom episode 'Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Worser-er.'
Basically, Tails had lost a bet with Sonic, and he had to sing at the Meh Burger Karaoke, and from what I've read on Sonic News Network, he sang poorly to the audience. And what's strange is that while Zooey was mentioned by Tails, she didn't actually appear in the episode itself.
However, what I read on the episode on the Sonic News Network, was this:
'Tails is still in a relationship with Zooey, following the events of Tails' Crush.'
Anyways, this is an alternative ending to the episode, where Tails actually sings very well, and he sings 'Rule the World' to the audience. Before singing, Tails believes that he will do poorly in the karaoke, but with motivational support from Zooey, he decides to give it a go. How will he do?
The idea is based on :icontoad900:'s art of what should've
:icongrimlock1997:grimlock1997 10 10
Amazon :iconmasterof4elements:MasterOf4Elements 30 10 Teerunaa Draw this again Meme :iconskiffers-kun:Skiffers-kun 20 0 Hotel Transylvania :iconotakulena:otakulena 21 16 Dennis and Winnie :iconlinaprime:LinaPrime 141 9 Hotel Transylvania :iconmiledblur:Miledblur 56 9 Summer Request #60: The Yuki Sisters :iconfelixtoonimefanx360:FelixToonimeFanX360 19 19 Saved by the Frog Prince (InsectivoreShipping) :iconpokepalp:Pokepalp 54 5 Admirable Animations #11 -Hatch Up Your Troubles :iconbobclampettfan164:BobClampettFan164 10 1 Winnie :iconcueart:CueArt 14 2 My top 10 unloved characters :iconconkerguru:ConkerGuru 11 0 Bartholomew - Bats Off To Ya :iconbluebottleflyer:BluebottleFlyer 24 20


I have decided that I'm going to move accounts. I'm now at :iconzolo-bee-oh-yeah: so please watch that account. I'll see you guys there.

Come be, the Bee.
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Because why not?

1. Bee Movie (Dreamworks) [C-]
2. Monsters vs Aliens (Dreamworks) [C]
3. One of the Live action Transformer movies (Paramount) [?]
4.Sherk 4 (Dreamworks) [C+]
5. Diary of a Wimpy Kid (20th Century Fox) [C]
6: Hangover: Part 2 (Warner Brothers) [C-]
7: Furious 7 (Universal) [B+]
8: Entourage (Warner Brothers) [D]
9: Hotel Transylvania 2 (Sony)  [A+]
10: Peanuts (20th Century Fox)  [A+]
11: Deadpool (20th Century Fox) [A+]
12: Zootopia (Disney) [A+]
13: Ratchet and Clank (Universal) [D-]
14: Angry Birds (Sony) [C+]
15: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 (Paramount) [C]
16: Finding Dory (Disney) [A-]
17. Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side of Dimensions (4K media) [B+]
18. The Lego Batman Movie (Warner Brothers) [A]
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I am pleased to announce that I got a new special account that I made mounts ago right here! :iconzolo-bee-oh-yeah:  This is my animation/art account where I post more original art. This account will most likely be dead by the end of this year. So you might want to go over there and watch that account.
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"Alpha and Omega" is okay. Not great, but not as terrible as everybody makes it out to be. (Don't know about the other films.)

The "Teen Titans Go" hate needs to really die down. It's just as bad as "Johnny Test". TTG is pretty meh to me. 

"Hotel Transylvania" is one of my favorite movies of all time.

I don't think "The Emoji Movie" will be that bad, but I have low expectations.

I've lost interest in MLP. (I am interested in the movie, however.)

I'm not a huge fan of "The Loud House"

I haven't watched "Steven Universe" since 2016.

I love "Pokemon Sun and Moon's" anime art style.

Movie logos interest me for some reason. 

Speaking of movie logos; 20th Century Fox has the best fanfare of all time.

Braixen is my favorite Pokemon.

I'll add more when I think more. 
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I finally got a day off from work for the first time in forever. Time to see some Legos on the big screen.


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I have decided that I'm going to move accounts. I'm now at :iconzolo-bee-oh-yeah: so please watch that account. I'll see you guys there.

Come be, the Bee.
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Well, I'm Sonicx399's other account, so yeah.

Dubbed Anime Stamp by wolfforce58 Hush, Children. by EdmondRad Report Deviation Stamp by SherlingtonDunnen TV Is Not A Crime Stamp by Toonfreak I Support Johnny Test Stamp by Timscorpion Brony Stamp by SnowSniffer Cleo Stamp by SoraRoyals77 Tom and Jerry Movie stamp by carrehz Alpha and Omega stamp by Chidori1334 Sonic Boom Stamp by toni987 Braixen Fan Stamp by Skymint-Stamps

I'm too lazy to add more.....


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